We understand that where you choose to intern is a big decision. A great internship can help shape your future career.

Internships give you a valuable opportunity to harness all the skills, knowledge and theory you’ve acquired whilst studying, and finally put it into practice in the real world. Beyond this - it offers you a chance to answer a very important question: is this want to I actually want to do? Can I see myself building a career around this?

Before you choose which one’s right for you,  it’s important to understand what different  internships will offer you - will you be developed? Challenged? Have impact?

So, why intern at a startup? Why PassFort?

I’ve asked our previous interns - Victor, who joined us for Summer 2019, and Jack and Tiberiu, who are now permanent members of the PassFort team, to help me explain.


In an early-stage startup, every single team member is critical. If you’re a problem solver you’ll love having end-to-end ownership of solving real challenges that are directly impacting our users.  If you choose to intern at PassFort, you’ll be contributing and adding value from day one, and learning quickly through continuous feedback. By the end of your internship, you’ll have  lots of insight into different areas of the Engineering team and be able to build an understanding of what area you enjoy working on the most - frontend, backend, test, architecture...

Jack: What really drew me towards working at a startup was the opportunity to produce feature-driven work and solve a diverse range of problems. End-to-end development of a feature requires working with a wider context of systems and processes to produce a solution. This exposure helped me develop a variety of skills while helping me figure out the type of work I enjoy most.

Tiberiu: I didn’t always consider interning at a startup, let alone for my first job. It was a great experience in terms of professional and personal development and I have learned a lot of things that I wouldn’t have, had I chosen to work at a big corporation. But, most importantly I was able to own a feature end to end, including scoping, grooming, implementing, testing and getting everything reviewed before going live.

Victor: PassFort is the third company I’ve interned at and by far the best experience I’ve ever had. Compared to my previous internships, I enjoyed having the feeling that I was doing something meaningful to the company. Moreover, I was completely owning the features I was working on - I now know how to write technical specifications, design how a feature should be implemented in a system, test a feature before releasing it and finally deploy this feature into production. I feel grateful towards the business, and especially the engineering team, for everything I’ve learnt thanks to their contribution and help.


Your work won’t disappear into a larger organisation - you’ll see the impact first hand, quickly - in production, and in the hands of our users. You’ll be able to see your ideas come to life. It’s one of the biggest things we can offer anyone that interns at PassFort  - meaningful work that directly impacts our overall company goals and mission.

Jack: I really enjoyed being empowered to make decisions which directly affect customer facing features from day one. I still occasionally interact with code I deployed during my internship two years ago!

Tiberiu: Another cool thing that comes with working at PassFort which I have been told is not usually the case for interns is that my work was used in production, reaching our users directly - that gave me a great feeling of accomplishment.

Victor: Being responsible for releasing new features which were instantly used by our clients gave me not only a great feeling of accomplishment but also the feeling that my work had  real, immediate impact. The team provided great support including code reviews, testing plans, and just general advice - all of which made me feel confident in my work. There might be odd error released into production - but this is just a learning experience.


You won’t just be working  with our Engineering team - startups offer the opportunity to fully embed yourself within the business and learn how everything fits together. You’ll be sitting on the same floor amongst all other teams; you’ll be a part of, and invited to contribute to, standups, and team-wide strategy meetings. All in all, you’ll build some fantastic long-term relationships, with people who are all invested in seeing you succeed.  

Jack: I really enjoyed seeing the evolution and growth of various functions within the team when returning for internships over multiple years. I remember sitting across from Donald (our CEO) while he was on sales calls in one of my first years - this was a really interesting experience from my internship which I never expected.

Tiberiu: I found it really useful to interact with other areas of the business and see them grow and adapt to new business needs as required. This helped me gain insight into our customers needs and how we gear the product to provide more value towards those needs.

Victor: I had the opportunity to meet people from across the business. Understanding their roles and goals gave me a lot more context and helped me to not only understand my own role in what PassFort are trying to achieve, but also a lot more insight into the product itself and how it works. I also collaborated with different people across the business to better understand what solution would best suit the needs of our clients. This empowered me to release great features in the short time I was there.

The culture!

Trust, Empowerment and Growth - our values sit at the heart of everything we do here, and we can promise you’ll get to see them show up as soon as you arrive - and by the time you leave, you’ll be embodying them too!  

Jack: I'm proud to be part of this team. We've created a place to work that's both pleasant and productive with a culture of genuine trust and support. I feel comfortable contributing to team discussions and can see my ideas being taken on board.

Tiberiu: The things I enjoyed the most include the openness related to managerial decisions and the company’s plan going forward. They have managed to create a wonderful company culture where everyone has a voice and inputs towards both product development and business decisions. Moreover, the relaxed and fun atmosphere makes it a truly enjoyable place to work.

Victor: At PassFort, you can really see how committed people are to the company’s values. These values are not something just made up to attract new people into the business, and you can really see this in my earlier statements - I enjoyed ownership, was empowered, and learnt and accomplished so much. Also, you don't want to miss out on one of the company’s events - you should see how much fun we had!

Future Opportunities

Absolutely! Did we mention we’re growing? And growing fast! We’re always on the lookout for great engineers to join the team, and if the fit goes both ways, we’d love the opportunity to invest in you long term.

Jack and Tiberiu are a great testament to this - having joined us permanently (we’re still working on Victor ;))

Straight from the Head of Engineering

The internship program at PassFort is a great opportunity for students to experience working in a fast paced startup. We don’t try to hold you back, we want to feel as much a part of the team as any of our other engineer. We provide you with everything that you need to succeed and give you real problems to solve. Unlike at bigger companies, the work our interns do has real impact. Some of our intern projects have included writing our billing system from scratch, making important improvements to our core risk engine, and changing the way our technical clients interact with our product by simplifying our API. We want to see you learn and grow over your time here and want to give you a solid platform from which to build a career. The fact that the majority of our interns return to us full time is a real testament to that.

Want to join us?

We’re looking for interns for the Summer of 2020 - if you’d be keen to join an exciting,  fast-growing startup, solve some challenging problems, and see your hard work in the hands of actual users - get in touch!

Find out more about the role, our team, culture etc. here!