We figure this is a fantastic way for you to get to know us - separated by a (computer) screen; no commitment; but a chance to answer all your questions about us as a company and find out whether we’d be a match!

At PassFort we’re solving trust for the digital economy - it’s our big hairy audacious goal. In an economy of growing complexity, how we establish trust is one of the biggest barriers to companies operating online.

Starting with regulated businesses - we’re transforming how people and businesses are building those virtual relationships.  This trust infrastructure will underpin the future digital economy.

It’s an impactful piece of work - and achieving our mission requires solving complex technical challenges, building strong relationships with a wide range of technical and data service providers, and positioning ourselves as thought leaders with regards to regulation and data privacy.

Our People

We’re committed to building a company and culture that diverse and exceptional people call home.

The best talent doesn’t just mean a technical expert, or a sales professional who’s blown their targets out of the water - we’re looking for people whose core values and ambition match our own.

Trust sits at the heart of what we do - it defines our vision, and it’s reflected across our team. We trust our team entirely. We champion complete transparency not only on company strategy, priorities and performance (business KPIs), but this also extends to things like market compensation data.

This empowers our team to make informed decisions, collaborate honestly and openly,  and challenge each others thinking respectfully when necessary. It’s how we foster innovation, and allows us to break new ground.

We often fail but are never failures. Our continuous learning, growth and willingness to evolve our selves, our ideas and our product keep us on the road to success.

You can see more about our values here including how we went about defining them.

But what does PassFort actually do?

PassFort was founded by Donald Gillies and Henry Irish back in 2015.  They saw firsthand the difficulties companies experienced with essential compliance processes like onboarding customers.

For example - we’ve all been through the process of being onboarded as a customer, whether you’ve applied for a bank account, or a mortgage. We’re at the mercy of antiquated and complex compliance processes that help an organisation establish trust - that we are who we say we are, and we’re not a risk to their company. However - more often than not - when a customer profile is outside the ‘norm’, saying no was the simplest and most cost effective solution for a company.

PassFort OS is the solution. We’re building the infrastructure to enable regulated businesses to build and manage their compliance policies digitally. We automate the processes that can & should be automated and empower human experts with the tools they need to step in when software isn’t yet intelligent enough. Customer profiles can be verified digitally, in real-time, and evolve with changing regulatory requirements or online behaviour.

This is compliance as a competitive advantage, not a box-ticking, hoop-jumping burden. It allows organisations to think in new ways about how to get closer to their customers and create better, frictionless experiences. It also enables them to operate at scale, across different jurisdictions, and to launch new products with confidence.

What’s our long term vision?

In the same way that Salesforce, Hubspot and Stripe transformed how businesses sell to, market to, and collect payment from their customers, we hope to transform how businesses and customers trust one another.

We want to be the trusted source of verified personal information for individuals and businesses.

Our aim is to give you  back ownership of your digital identity, rather than such sensitive data sitting in centralised credit or information bureaus. Imagine a world where you can seamlessly and securely grant someone access to your verified personal information - without fear of identity theft, data loss and solely for the purpose of that relationship. This is the world PassFort is building.

Our future impact across a range of industries will be profound, for example, in how we onboard new employees, or apply to rent a property, or onboard a new supplier. If this information is within a trusted network, providing your digital ‘passport’ as a business or individual could become as simple as pressing a button.

You can see more on our vision here.

Roles we’re hiring for

We’re in a hugely exciting phase of growth. Our careers site can give you more insight into our team, culture, and some of our fantastic perks, as well as some of the great team activities we’ve been up to lately (including whitewater rafting!) https://jobs.passfort.com/.

Here’s some handy links to our current live roles:

  • We need a Product Manager to lead on the end-to-end delivery of our product roadmap during a really exciting period of growth.
  • We’re always on the lookout for great Engineers who want to solve complex technical problems with us!
  • We’re on the hunt for a Technical Writer to join our growing customer success function and architect a best-in-class help centre for our customers.
  • Take ownership of solving exciting infrastructure challenges as our first DevOps  Engineer
  • Last but not least, we’re looking for a Data Engineer and Data Scientist to found a brand new data team and leverage our unique set of data on customer behaviours into valuable commercial insights.

Take a look - maybe it will be a perfect match 😍